I think I figured it out.  I never got a chance to do anything.  I was never given an opportunity to.  That’s why I feel so bad, so shattered.  It’s because I somehow blame myself.  It’s always “could I have done things differently?”  It never starts with an accusation of her.  Yes, I always wonder why she never gave me a chance.  But, that only comes second to me blaming myself.  I think how I never should have given my heart away, when it should be that she could have at least returned it nicely.


  1. Isn’t this how it always goes?

    • Why though? Why are we left feeling guilty for having our hearts broken?

      • kdunn5372

        I can’t explain that very well. I just know for some reason we all blame ourselves. Like it was something we did. Maybe there was something we could’ve done differently. I don’t know why people do it when they get their hearts broken. I know I do it. Majorly.

  2. Larry

    I think only those with a capacity for real love experience this. Those who are only in it for a stroke of their own ego wouldn’t have these feelings. I really like your poetry. Keep posting. It is a little gift to anticipate and open each day!

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