Is love a mathematical equation?

“Why is it always the nice ones, the ones with the kindest hearts that are always alone?”  She asked with a sigh.  “I don’t know, it’s like a math problem,” I mused.

Is love a math problem?  Are lovers a single variable that gets isolated on one side of the equation in order to find a solution?  I’ll be ‘X’, she’ll be ‘Y’, and ‘Z’ are all those that she is interested in.  But, take into consideration that X does not equal Z.  In that case, we get:  X = Y + (Z^N).  I’ll try to win her over, and get her on my side: X – Y = (Z^N).  But, that means that I’ve actually lost her.  mathematically it’s correct.  Everyone else (Z^N) is worthless when it comes to her and even though I have her on my side, I’m still left with nothing: X – Y = 0.  You see, it is a problem, because X is never equal to Y.  Therefore, there is no solution for love.

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  1. Pure genius! You take modern poetry and make it abundantly textured, haunting, and whimsically simple. (I registered to WordPress only to post comments. I should be notified when you post something new.)

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