What about now

I was lost and desperate to be found. I wanted someone to talk to, someone who would understand. A person to listen to my tale, silently taking notes and reassuring me. I found you. You made your way into my mind and found beauty in the things you saw. My dark putrid views on life. You didn’t intrude, I felt comfort in your presence. I had let you in. I wanted you to stay around, so I thought I would offer you the world. It was nothing compared to what you offered me. But, you made me out to be more than I was. You wanted Atlas, but I couldn’t carry you on my shoulders as well. So, I let you go. I had my own weight to bear.

You rejected my offerings, now you flaunt his tattered rags. You wanted a god, now you blindly worship a peasant. Was I not both? How could I be immortal yet still love? Answer me that. How do you claim to have loved, yet still marvel in the torture of my soul? The past has gone, like the night air. You have found yourself a midnight Romeo. One whom you so readily brandished, while I selfishly kept myself for you. Never have I been a consoler of the lonely, yet the lonely have always consoled me. Will he be stricken, just like I have been, I wonder? If not, then, what about now?

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