Standing on the corner, with a leg perched up against the wall. What’s left of a dress and brand new pantyhose. All that topped off with six-inch heels, smeared in the blood of your ancestors. Steam seeps from the grates in the sidewalk. It rises up and circles around her like a halo. She parts her hair to the side, revealing a devil’s trident tattooed on the back of her neck. Through the crude reflection in the storefront window behind her, it resembles the sign of the Anti-Christ. Her eyelids peel back to reveal brown eyes of innocence. She blinks. Searching through the crowd, looking through a lineup of unusual suspects. Beckoning a man of her own kind.

She stands on the corner. An aura surrounds her that keeps people away. The river of people heading her way parts to clear a path. She walks uninterrupted, with hope that someone would get close. Dare to cross the abyss, and walk on the water that is now before her. She is in her own head, unenlightened by the pathetic weaklings before her. She is her own religion. She lives life one suicide note at a time. She is the darkness that creeps into his mind when he is alone in the crowd.

They stood there, staring at each other as the crowd dissipated. She reached out and grabbed him by his shirt, smearing herself on him as she pulled him closer. He pulls her back against the wall, her tongue swirling around his mouth. The taste of coffee and cigarettes flows on her saliva, from her tongue to his brain. His thoughts are like ransom notes that tumble out of his mouth. He only speaks when spoken too. But, their intellects freely converse. He can’t put it into words, with a vocabulary of four letter words and profanity. Yet, she knows what he wants because she wants the same. He caresses her soul. In return, she teases his heart then fucks his brain. They go back and forth, feeding off of each other’s lust. He presses her against the glass. A window display of malicious affection, as he spreads her legs and she cuts him down to size. With ruffled clothes, she strokes his manhood. His inner child having penetrated her heart, they leave hand in hand. Leading one another to their own therapy.

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