Falling head over heals leaves you battered and bruised

I’m starting to think that a world without love would be a better place.  Maybe that world is the one we live in now.  I’m sure that there are people who would say that they’re in love now.  But, would the person whom they are in love with say the same thing about them?  At some point in our life, whether past or future, the love we feel will turn into hate.  And from that hate, misery and depression will rise.  Love isn’t proportionate.  You don’t go from feeling good to feeling bad, you go from good to horrible.  That’s why heartbreak hurts so much.  You give your all, but most of the time that isn’t returned.  Love isn’t fair and it doesn’t play by the rules.  Love is defined as “something you get pleasure from.”  Well in that case, by definition, lovers are masochists.

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  1. I have found a great deal of humour in the dark cynicism of this post! Nice work.

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