When you find me

Driving down the interstate with nowhere to go.  Exits pass me by, and all I want is a way out.  My body feels light.  That’s because my soul is soaring in the sky right outside the window.  It moves as I do, watching over me.  People on the stereo singing about wanting it to come back.  I just want it to go away, to fade like my taillights.  A red haunting aura.  But mine is a bright shade of dismay.  This town was never big enough, and stories were never good enough.  They always had the wrong characters.  They still do.  Just sitting in the car, staring down at a big city with bright lights.  You never see a gleam like that in anybody’s eyes.  Word is there’s a new fickle girl in town.  Out there in the night, just like there used to.  Living on wavelengths and short-straws, sitting on a bench somewhere.  We both have our hearts set on anywhere but here, wanting to be born again.  Tired of leaning back and finding nothing but air.  Wind that rushes by, pulling sweatshirts closer.  A constant feeling of nausea in our hearts.  Not from the last night, but from the beauty of the beginning.

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