On losing your keys (March 20th 2016)

You had given me a gift. Something wrapped with a post-it note attached. August 23rd. That’s what it said. That’s when I was meant to open it. It was the date you were leaving. I didn’t know why that was the date I had to wait until to open it. It had been a year since we met. But, I thought that day was back in July. It had to be back In July. I wasn’t trying to prove you wrong. I was trying to prove myself right. With everyone before, I had been the one to remember things. How could this time be different? How could you be different? I was shocked. I was embarrassed. I was touched. I knew I had upset you, but I didn’t know how. I honestly didn’t know. I would never have done so intentionally. I asked you what was wrong. But, you kept saying you were fine, even though I knew something was wrong. You said I always thought the worst. I did. And I still do. You should’ve talked to me and told me what was wrong. You should’ve talked. You should talk.

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