On losing your keys (January 10th 2015)

I am not happy with humanity’s current state. I know I do not have the power to change it, but I do have the power to avoid it and to avoid those that only have a negative effect on my life. I do not need to explain myself, it is your fault for thinking we might have been friends when in fact we never were, regardless of what I did for you or what you might have done for me. I have grown to realize that trust issues do not stem from distrusting other people. No, trust issues arise when you fail to trust yourself. The problem is when you have to seek other peoples’ opinion, approval, and help, rather than believing in yourself and owning up to your failures. With that said, I want to thank those who have taken the time to help and to encourage. Nay, those who have taken the time. Period. It’s not about having priorities, it’s about who matters. Even if they are only worth an hour a week of your time. My disappointment is in and of myself, thinking that people are like me. When I am asked for help and it is something within my power, I try. If, and when, I cannot, for whatever reason, I apologize. People say they don’t have the time. That isn’t true, they do have the time. We all have the same amount of time in a day. They just don’t have the time for you, unless, of course, they need something from you.

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