On losing your keys (December 28th 2014)

These are the days in which we decide to change, the final hours of yet another year. A date is used as a marker that will remind us of our failures. It is also a beacon that shows us how far we have not gotten. We make plans for future years to make up what we have not succeeded in accomplishing in previous years. Plans to make plans to make plans.

Right now, I have the time but not the state of mind I require to sit down and write. That is why I’m keeping this short, just for the sake of freeing up mental space. I’ve come to believe that a writer of any sort should sit down and work on that one idea that has been nagging him for days. It will continue to distract you until you have finally written it out. Maybe it’s too short (I really really hate word counts), or maybe it’s not up to your standards. Regardless, you have made space for new ideas to hatch.

I’m trying to write more. I am going to take more time to just sit down and write.

For the past five years I have set a reading challenge for myself. Despite reading over two hundred books this year, next year I am setting a challenge of only one hundred. I’m doing this for several reasons:

– I want to read ‘heavier’ books. I am actually starting a list of the books that I aim to read. I want to focus more on ‘heavier’ books as well as complete collections of poetry.

– I buy books faster than I can read them. So, I resolve not to buy a single book until I have read at least fifty books that I currently own.

My second resolution is to not be overly generous with someone unless I consider them a close friend. This includes favors, lending items, and sharing music, poems, articles, quotes I happen upon on the internet. I am doing this simply because some people do not care nor appreciate any of it.


In the words of the great Will McAvoy, “I’m on a mission to civilize”.


  1. “I buy books faster than I can read them” my quote of the day!

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