On losing your keys (July 22nd 2014)

I got a text the other night. I’ve gotten texts just like it in the past. A sort of greeting after an intermediate period of absence. You see, I walked away when I knew there was nothing more that I could do. Silence made that clear. You had DNR written all over you. I still tried to resuscitate whatever it was that we had between us. I owed you one more chance.

It’s sad that people think someone can actually be too nice. It’s sad to think that they’ve gone most of their lives not knowing what it feels like to have someone genuinely be nice to them. They live thinking every smile is going to turn around and bite them. Every compliment is going to stand around with its hand held out waiting for something in return. The only thing I was guilty of is trying just a little bit harder to see you smile, to steady you when your emotions tripped. I’m sorry that so many people have to be wary of nice people. I’m sorry that people have now become afraid of the light.

I like a lot of people. I try to be nice to most people that cross my path. And I’m smart enough to know that someone I like might not like me back in the same way. That’s how life is sometimes. It’s doesn’t mean I’m not going to be nice to someone because they only want to be my friend. But if you want to be my friend, then we expect you to be a friend as well. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. People aren’t always going to wait around for when you need someone to be nice to you. You have priorities, we have dignity. I hope that one day you find someone that gives you what you deserve, because all I’m ever going to be is nice.


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