On losing your keys (June 10th 2014)

The last time I talked to my best friend was sometime in December of last year. That was the last time we really talked. Not just hey how are you I’m fine you. There’s no reason that I know of why that happened. There was no fight or argument, just three years being erased.

In my head, it’s been at least a month since I’ve stopped holding on. In reality, it could be just two weeks. Hope slows down time for the hurt, not giving us time to heal.

I don’t want an explanation, because some things can’t be explained. I want my ability to trust back. I don’t want silent alarms going off in my head, subconsciously pushing away people who might actually care. I want people to stay.


  1. Maybe your just not finding the right people. I say this because if someone wanted your trust enough, then they would stick by your side no matter how much you tried pushing them away. That’s how I look at it anyway. 🙂

    • That’s the problem. I never seem to find the right people.

      • I’m sorry. I have the same problem 98% of the time, especially when it comes to the other sex. But I just don’t care enough anymore due to being hurt too many times. I feel that if that person is important enough then they will make the exception. Make sense?

      • It does. It’s always the other sex with me as well. The problem is all the guys I meet don’t really have any interests and to me they’re boring. I don’t know why it is that females seem fuller of life, and of themselves too, sadly.
        It does make you care less, but hopefully there are people out there who can pick up on it and put in the effort to help us see that this is a person we should care about.

      • I’ve come to realize that also about women being fuller of life than men are. Right now, I’m dating this guy who hates life. He calls it a nightmare when he wakes up. I don’t understand what has happened to make the male race seem so dull. I’m trying to help him realize that life is beautiful. It’s hard, but he’s worth it. I don’t want him to hate his life.
        Speaking of guys, my cousin is full of life. He’s pretty awesome. Just saying!!! 😉
        I always feel that if someone wants to hang on, then there’s something there. People are brought into your life for a reason, whether we know why or not. Life is BEAUTIFUL!

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