Rule #2

You should put


Ahead of others

(most of the time)


  1. Challenged by: You should be of service, anytime.

    • I disagree. You need to be able to make yourself happy in order to make others happy as well.

      • It’s a matter of perception, I dare say. If, for arguments sake, and e.g. the purpose of man is to serve his creator, then without serving no true happiness can come forth from anything without having fulfilled such duties.

        If we prefer to follow rather atheist views, then, again logic would teach that true happiness relies on the overcoming of our ego, which means to include service towards others as well.

        So what does this tell?

      • It is a matter of perception. Mine was that it is between peers, not religious deities.

        One way of looking at the poem is to not rely on others for your own happiness.

      • Well, didn’t touch my mind, that last line of yours.

        Be it as it may be, poetry truly has many languages. 🙂

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