She reminds me of spring, with green eyes that are dark around the edges

Like freshly cut grass mixed with some brown leaves, leftover from a lonely winter that won’t ever end

But it doesn’t stop her from parting her cloudy cheeks, and letting her smile warm the cold air

With a breath full of thoughts that evaporates in front of her, spring-cleaning her soul

Combing fingers through her autumn hair that’s full of summer flowers

The sun warming her face like a drying canvas with color to get her through the next winter

When her face has cracked like the paint, and the color has faded into white hair

When the jar of murky water has finally settled, and the palette is as dark as a winter day

I will pick apart the colors one by one, until the mess is turned back to how it was when she started

With paint stained hands, I will show her how she can get through anything, and that she has

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