There are those of us that read e-books, or hardbacks without the dust jacket, because our favorite pickup line is “what are you reading?”

There are those of us that keep a dictionary in the top drawer of our nightstand. It is rebound in black leather, with the word ‘Bible’ stamped on the cover in gold letters.

There are those of us that would go to a bookstore with a list of ten books to buy, only to leave the bookstore having bought ten books, none of which were on the list.

There are those of us who might drop a napkin, a candy wrapper, a scrap of paper, or even a banana peel as we are walking down the street. If you see that happen, please tell us. It is more than likely that whatever fell was our bookmark.

There are those of us that would not want to literally run late and get some exercise, but rather, arrive obscenely early and read.

There are those of us that find reading to be like thinking: you are never thinking about just one thing, and that’s why we are hardly ever able to read just one book at a time.

There are those of us that underline sentences, highlight passages, and scribble things into the margins of books. We aren’t rewriting the book, but our own lives.


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  2. wordrew

    I love this piece – it rings true to me as a reader and writer. I hope you don’t mind, but I featured it in my Friday Link Pack on my blog – http://wp.me/p3FJIq-2B.

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