Walking out, walking in, walking away

She is gone.  She turns the corner.  She is so unbelievably beautiful.  I catch a second glimpse of her.  I can’t help but stare.  Sharp features offset her calm eyes.  She’s so unbelievably beautiful.  I wonder what she looks like.  Everything about her needs to be seen twice.  Her hair appears to have been randomly chopped off, but it’s deliberately short and brown.  I can just tell it’s a girl.  It doesn’t surprise me either.  Her backpack seems to have been made out of a blue tarp.  It’s olive green and frayed in every place possible.  She’s been through a lot with her coat.  It’s the only thing she has left to hold onto.  But she still wears her grandmother’s gold cross.  Her faith in God dissipated long ago.  She seems to be wandering around aimlessly, but with a hint of purpose.  She doesn’t linger though, meaning she doesn’t long for anyone.  As she walks, she glances into the storefronts and restaurants.  She’s wearing brown leather loafers with a pink sock on her left foot, and a grey one on her right foot.  Something tells me I’ve found the one I’m looking for.



* NOTE: This story can be read from beginning to end and from end to beginning.

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