Add 1 uxorious male

Add 1 conditional loving female


Preheat oven to ‘love at first sight’


Add 2 beaten broken hearts

Add 1 elaborate time restraint

Add 4 ounces of jealousy

Add 8 ounces of inconsideration

Add not an ounce of care

Add 1 litre of tears


Stir sparingly


Add 3 tablespoons of things you meant

Add 1 tablespoon of things unmeant


Take 10 minutes to catch your breath


Add 2 teaspoons of bitter regret

Add a handful of second-thoughts


Bake in oven until burnt


(Recipe destroys 1 person)


  1. Brilliant! So original!! Loved it,!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Recipe for disaster. Love it.

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