You wake up in a hotel room, laying on the bed in your clothes. Through closed curtains, you can see that you’re still in the town you’ve grown up in. You open the door and find yourself in an empty corridor. Not knowing which direction to head in, you just walk. You come to another door and open it. There’s another corridor. But, this one is disinfectant  green. The only decor is the women that litter the floor. They’re dressed in black from head to toe, sitting with their backs against the wall. They look up at you, making you feel uncomfortable as you anxiously look for a way out. You find a door and burst through it. You’re in a room that resembles the first corridor, redwood and gold. In front of you are three steps that lead up to a ball pit. You stick your head through the mesh, thinking all this is different yet knowing that they’re all the same. You crawl back out and look for an exit. You’re standing outside. The night sky is lit up with gunfire and missiles. But, it’s also inside you. And the tears in your eyes are the realisation that all of this might be more than just a bad dream.

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