A lungful of sorrow

You may have tired of me

A person no longer himself

Because that is who I am

Or who I used to be

No longer knowing my left from right

It feels like I always do what’s wrong

When people drown me in righteousness

Not wanting to see me smile

But complaining when I do

And my heart can’t take it

Partly stuck in the past

And stretched into the future

So my smile is like a victim

A stroke of genius

To please everybody

And thank you, but I’ll be myself

Even though I don’t need to be anybody

But it’s something

When soul meets body


  1. unfetteredbs

    And thank you, but I’ll be myself—-When soul meets body
    love these lines. Really enjoyed this

  2. I love this. Write long poems please, too short, we want more of your words 😦

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