Waiting forever

It started when he went to sleep. It got worse when he woke up. It usually did. She was his high school crush, but not in the traditional way. He’s had a crush on her for almost as many years as she is older than him. There has always been something about her. He’s gotten used to it, just not her. It got worse when he woke up. As if his clumsiness grew more energetic. He bumped into her today, but he ran into a door. Some smiles are disarming. Hers unties your shoes then ties the laces together. You’d rather that she tripped instead, so that you could catch her. But no, that would be too soon. You have to tackle the sliding door first, leaving the glass intact and your insides shattered. I fled, though, instead of waiting to see if she would kneel down and help me pick up the pieces.

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