Please don’t leave me

I don’t know if I can yell any louder
How many times have I tried to comfort you
Or left my doors wide open

I can be so loving when I want to be
I’m capable of just about anything
I can cut you into pieces
Whenever my heart is broken

Please, please don’t come back to me
I always say how I can’t live without you now
But it’s always going to be like this
Please, please don’t come back to me

How did I become so callous
What is it with you that makes me act like this
I’ve never been this broken

When did this become such a contest
The one that wins will be the one that hit the hardest
But love, I don’t mean it
I mean it, I promised

I forgot to say out loud
How much you were hurting me
But I can’t be without you
You were my perfect little everything

And I need you
I’m sorry


  1. Larry

    Is this one of your older pieces you said you’d be dusting off and posting? Or is it current?

  2. Larry

    I’m embarrassed to admit I am not familiar with Pink’s music. But I have to say that the line where “the one who hits hardest wins” is disturbing to me. When did love become a contest? And when did love become a troubled relationship of “I love you, I hate you” type of thinking and acting? Is this what youngsters think today? I don’t get it. I must be showing my age!

    • Yes, sadly that’s how many people perceive relationships these days. It’s contradicting. They insult/hurt someone they love or ignore them to make them jealous.
      People turn love into a game, and make themselves the prize that you have to fight for. Love is rarely shown as something mutual, these days.

      • Larry

        What sad commentary on the state of relationships these days. It was that way to some extent when I was young, but anyone who acted like that was stricken from my mind and a person I didnt want to be around. If someone thinks they are a prize to be won then they’ve got their priorities wrong. A prize is in the eye of the beholder, not in the eye of the so called prize itself. I always spent my time with non game players. We might have been considered “uncool” but that was ok with me. I prefer authenticity over games of the ego any day.

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