Things that make me happy (Full version)

The cold air that greets you as you walk out of Heathrow’s Terminal 5

Singing sad songs with your friends

Cheering on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

The smell of freshly cut grass

The face my mom makes when she’s trying not to laugh at my jokes

Walking through the rain with the girl I loved

Listening to someone playing bagpipes

Compliments from strangers

Falling asleep to the sound of rain

Cold coffee

People reading on the floor of a bookshop


Instantly clicking with someone you just met

Apple pie

The smell of my grandmother’s garage

Spending New Year’s eve at home


The Simpsons


Typewriter font

Handwritten letters

My little talks with dad

People with a dark sense of humor

Listening to “Car Talk”

Red lipstick

Tan legs and white Converse

The smokey smell of my Aunt’s apartment

Drivers who use their turn signals

Fortune cookies

A three-day weekend

Improv night at The Comedy Club

The design of a crossword puzzle being a lot simpler than it looks

The ability of parents to guide their small children around by the tops of their heads

Moleskines, because they all look the same but they’re all different inside

Deciphering someone’s handwriting

A conversation that starts because of a book



Floor-to-ceiling windows

Watching sushi being made in front of you

Walk-in showers

Falling asleep on a sunny day in Hyde Park

Someone who looks right into your eyes and smiles a huge, sweet smile

Walking around the supermarket at midnight

Apple sauce

“The rest of the story” on NPR

Hospital identification bracelets

Mexican food


Receiving mail

The convenience store and laundry room in the basement of the Swan Hotel

Tennis lessons with Arnaud

My high school English and Math teachers

Iced tea at the Savoy


Any lucky find

Music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human anatomy, and literature all being considered art

Seeing my breath when I talk in cold weather, and wanting to talk more.

Knowing all the answers to a game show while confined to your living room

A first edition of a book

Eating out alone

Texas toast

Liking the people you work with

A book signed by its author

Cheese danish


Sloppy Joes at The Plaza

That “emergency outfit” you always feel confident and comfortable in

Heated marble bathroom floors

Strangers you see so regularly that you feel they’re almost friends

The NATO phonetic alphabet



The Food Network

Proudly wearing a wedding band

Thinking a girl is beautiful when she’s wearing a T-shirt and jeans

The soft insides of bread

Stacking books by the bed in the order you want to read them

* DISCLAIMER: This post was inspired by the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I’ll be adding to the list as things come to mind.


  1. I would try to do something similar, but I don’t think I have enough joys… Still, it’s nice to know you’re not as dark as I sometimes think you are. You’re actually quite warm. (I mean that in a good way, I hope it translates well..)

    • It did translate well. I know that I sometimes come on as dark. I think it’s because most of my joys are usually experienced when I’m on my own, and that’s why people don’t necessarily see the “warm” side of me.

  2. Larry

    Hmmm, makes me think you’re an introvert, perhaps? (it’s a good thing!)

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