A romance novel

The words are watching you. They crescendo as you read along. Pages flip before you get a chance to read that last word. You start out by reading the last sentence of the book. But, you don’t know that. To you, it looks like the opening paragraph. The paper cuts you whenever you glance away, be it in contemplation or boredom. The book tries desperately to vie for your attention, trying to read your mind as you read this page. Frantically, it rewrites the pages ahead to suit your fancy, and adds blank pages at the end of the story. The book does this, hoping that you’ll stay until the end. Because, for once, the book has fallen in love with the reader.


  1. Larry

    Beautiful. I love this surprise ending ( at least it surprised me. Wasn’t expecting it). Very nice work.

  2. fantastic thought. well written

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