Edge of desire

A smile might take you a long way

But what if I’m a long way from smiling

It’s midnight again .. Start of the same old day

Third time’s the charm .. And I’m half way through dialing

Two bottles down and I’m forgetting how to speak

So I set the phone down and out the window peek

At a dark expanse filled with falling white snow

Like little memories .. Helping me write what I know

Scribbling lines onto paper like wrinkles in a forehead

Caused by worries over words which once were miss-said

Followed by countless letters that were torn apart

But this one is different, I’m weighing it down with my heart

You were mistaken for feeding me in my cage

Now I’m a young man .. Dying of old age

I’ve been crippled and put in a rocking chair

Hollow and broken .. All I can do is stare

Out of cruel negligence, I was given a view

When all I longed for was a picture of you

Something I could hold .. Something that wouldn’t fade

Until I am finally at rest, and in a grave my body is laid


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