What is this place? I’m in a swimming pool. Looking up, I can see that it’s in a massive cave. It’s been modernized though. The pool has an upper level, maybe even two. The whole place is empty, although I feel like it’s packed with people. It’s like they’re all moving around the perimeter, none are in the pool. I can see her, floating along on the other side of the pool. I swim over to her. but before I can think of why, I’m already there. She straightens herself up and smiles at me. It’s like we know each other. Time starts to pass, just the two of us in the water. Our mouths move, and we laugh. But, I can’t hear what’s being said, as if I’m watching myself with her. All I know is that we’re talking about our friends, who turn out to be friends we have in common. We spend hours in the pool, chasing each other around. Our silent game of tag. Then we’re just there, floating as one out into the sun. I can feel the water that’s being displaced by the kicking of her feet as she slowly comes closer. Both of us still smiling. She wraps her legs around my waist, and I slip my arms behind her, pulling her even closer. We’re holding one another, floating in the water. Buoyed by our happiness.

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