I don’t fake smiles

I can only hold on for so long. And when I walk away, people say that I don’t care. No, it’s you that doesn’t care. This year I’ve been able to let go of the friends that became a burden. It felt painful at first, watching the ties fade away, but it got easier. I find it sad how people that meant something to you can be erased in a single day. I cared, and I still do. But, I’ve stayed up too many nights wondering when people are going to bother asking about me. I’m grateful for those who do, though. I’d give them everything.


  1. Larry

    Gosh, I hear pain and hurt in your post. I’m sorry you feel bad. Of all the WP blogs, yours is my favorite. You write such beautiful words. I hope you will blog a whole lot in 2013. I Also hope you feel better soon. I am always interested in knowing how you are. Maybe I should ask more directly – how are you doing?

    • I’ve been well, but the year isn’t really ending on a high note. I write better when I feel hurt (for lack of a better word).
      I’m flattered, thank you. How are you?

      • Larry

        Please know that I never intend false flattery. Your words honestly move me. I don’t always comment because I think frequent commenting will be seen as annoying rather than honest.

        I’m glad to hear you are happy at this moment. Maybe in time you will be able to capture your happiness in words and continue your beautiful writing.

        You asked how I am… I am doing better as the year closes. I’ve turned a corner regarding some issues and I’m beginning to feel like its gonna be a good year ahead. At least I’ve set my mind to it!!!

        I have HUGE plans for New Year’s Eve – gonna sit my Granny Fanny in front of the TV and watch the ball drop from Times Square in NYC. I’ll see a favorite “radio” personality and also one of my favorite “singers” who I saw and met in 1999. I asked her to sign my ticket. I put a picture of it, with her autograph on it, in the cloud. I dare, I mean iCloud you to find it!!! I posted up a song she sings not for her but for my radio guy. I wonder if he’ll like it or find it offensive. I hope he likes it!

        So that’s my HUGE New Year’s Eve plan. LOL!!! I am such a party animal!!!

        Have a great night and good luck with whatever plans you’ve made. Such a beautiful writer deserves success in all his endeavors.

        Please, keep writing, even the happy stuff if you can figure it out!

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