Another year has ended for me, and it’s the blog’s first anniversary. The year ended on a good note, but not when it came to my writing. I hope I’ll be able to get back into writing soon. I haven’t really written in a while. I guess it’s the happiness. I don’t know how to write about it. I’ve been reading old poems of mine, back when I used to rhyme and before I started a blog. I think I might edit several of them and post them here. I don’t regret anything I have written, nor will I ever. I only regret the people I wrote them for. It’s only two people that come to mind, who never appreciated them, but those two people have been the inspiration behind quite a few poems. With that said, I’m grateful for everyone else who showed and continue to show their appreciation.


  1. Irony right – the unappreciative people draw out some damn good writing.

  2. Larry

    So sorry to hear the two people who inspired your writing didn’t appreciate it. If its any solace know that I did, very much. I wrote you a poem in the cloud, a Christmas poem. Go look. iCloud you to !!!

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