The world

No one runs the world

But we all walk the earth

All six billion of us

All of us as one

Pedaling like mice

To propel the world around the sun

Forced into slavery from the day of birth

As a form of punishment

For the old selves that we now repent

We were young


Our pure skin

Be it pale, yellow, or dark

Holding no hint nor trace of a mark

Was akin to a white canvas

Awaiting the brush strokes of all that is evil

To paint us a society

Revealing everyone’s true color

We think we are safe

We think we are immune

Until we look in the mirror

And spot a stranger

Whose step is out of balance

And whistle is out of tune

Murky waters now filling your eyes

As walls close in on you

With no other to witness your soul’s demise

But if no one is around to see the tree fall

Then how can one claim that he heard it at all

You stand now, facing the world

That points a finger, meaning to accuse

You turn away though, a final act

To bemuse, and hopefully disarm

Like a messiah intent on leading the world

Back onto the path of light

You pray, that for once, the world is better

But it is never a fair fight, when fighting for your life

As you unwittingly stab yourself in the back, and make things right


  1. You left me speechless!

  2. WOW !!!!! Couldn’t be more true !!
    Well said …..Amazing work..

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