Nights aren’t made for sleep

Nights aren’t made for sleep.  If you can’t sleep at night, then don’t sleep.  There’s no such thing as insomnia.  Insomnia is not being able to sleep at a time when people think you should be sleeping.  Do whatever you want and sleep whenever you can.  If you feel sleepy in the middle of the day, then rest your head against something and sleep.  Sleep at a restaurant after you’ve just had lunch.  Sleep on the subway and miss your stop.  Get on a train going back, and miss your stop again because you were still sleepy and you decided to sleep.  Fall asleep during a meeting.  Fall asleep during a phone call. Sleep only when your eyes are too heavy to hold open.  You’d get a lot more done by sleeping when you were tired, rather than when people say you should sleep.


  1. Larry

    Yeah, some people’s internal time clock doesn’t fit a 24 hour day. I can relate.

  2. I’ve always found the atmosphere at night most pleasant – it provides the perfect backdrop for pondering minds. Thoughts become more clear, or maybe some of us just pay more attention to them at this time.

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