Stranger in the night

Standing there, just staring into the blue expanse of the water.  Its calm surface reflecting the world, as it hides the chaotic life underneath.  Water begins to trickle down the edge like a waterfall, forming a puddle around her feet.  The warmth brings Danielle back.  Her eyes coming into focus as she quickly turns off the faucet to the bathtub.  Realizing what has happened, she rushes down the stairs, two at a time, to get a mop from the kitchen.  As she reaches the foot of the staircase, there is a knock at the door.  A fierce knocking, of which could wake the dead.  Wondering who it could be at this late hour, she hurries to answer.  Reaching the door, Danielle pauses to check her reflection in the mirror which hangs beside the door.  After quickly adjusting her dress she gracefully opens the door, only to see a man standing there.  He was 10 minutes late, and his name was Life.

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  1. You should write prose more often

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