Thank you, thank you not

Thank you for reminding me how great flip-flops are

Thank you for the days that I woke up with a smile

Thank you for being my muse, and inspiring me to write all that I did about you

Thank you for those beautiful books that you told me about

Thank you for getting me to read classics

Thank you for erasing my memories of the past

Thank you, as in thanks, for nothing

Because if it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else


  1. This is precisely what I will struggle to understand – how someone can be so ambiguous in the face of kindness or affection. Or maybe the problem lies within us – maybe our hopes are attached to the very thing that will inadvertently let us down. Maybe to dissappoint is an innate human characteristic. Although I hope it’s something we can un-learn through careful introspection and fine tuning.

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