What did I do in my previous life?

I am male, and twenty-five years old

I have the physical ailments of an eighty year old male

The mind of a fifty year old male in crisis

The longings of a thirty-five year old female who’s divorced

And she says that I have the soul of a man who lived to see a hundred


  1. Nice – you should totally expand this, love the concept.

  2. I agree with Trent – you definitely should expand on this.

    (I think we have kindred souls, but I wouldn’t define the age of yours by a number. Its age represents its grandeur – giving it a slight regal edge, and a somewhat antiquated appearance where it’s fresh wound’s meet the old ones accepting they too must eventually heal – but that’s what gives it character & depth, and that’s exactly what I admire)

  3. I agree with everyone else who thinks you should expand this. I liked reading it and thinking about what the words meant and putting it all together in my head.

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