Like a book

She picked me up off the shelf

Fanned through my pages

And tossed me over her shoulder


  1. Awww… Nice metaphor for it. 😛 I have been that book myself on several occasions.

  2. Maybe she didn’t understand what was written in the pages, maybe it wasn’t in her language. Maybe she wasn’t meant to understand it, it was never meant for her – you may well have written the words (maybe even with her in mind), but the words have a plan of their own, they hold you sacred, they give you meaning, they give you a character that will only be complemented by one who takes the time to read each page, she’ll ponder and deliberate over the paragraphs – she’ll write excerpts in her notebook (those she relates to) she’ll annotate the pages, she’ll dedicate herself to studying the book that is you.

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