Love = (You x Me)^2

I think that you can define love.  You can define it by not defining it.  You just describe everything that’s linked to it.  Love is that person whom you want to wake up to.  The one you lie next to at night, neither one of you wanting to sleep.  Love is that person’s voice.  Because no matter what the emotion is that you hear, everything else stops existing once you hear that voice.  Love is the person that first comes to mind no matter what it is that you see, because everything starts to remind you of them.  Love is the person that you hold on to, to guide you through life.  And who becomes a phantom limb when they aren’t there.  Love is when you know that the other person will like this, whatever ‘this’ is.  Love is when your life right now, and the entire world consists of only you and the one you love.  Love is being able to let the real you loose, because that’s what the person likes about you the most.  You.


What do you think?


  1. alma147


  2. I think love is a materialistic need that humans are vulnerable to.
    Yes, I’m a killjoy.

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