What’s the rush? What’s the rush, well…

You know it’s love when you can see a future with them. You just get that tingly feeling. And goddamn if you aren’t mapping out that future right now; what you want to do next week. What you want to do the next time the two of you travel, because you would travel to wherever it is she’s going to be. You want to show her all of your favorite places. The ones that you only go to alone. You don’t even mention them to anyone else because they’re so sacred to you. They’re the places that make up your world. But now, she has become your world. She’s your two-storey house with a white fence and a backyard. There’s a bookcase that climbs through the living room ceiling and into the bedroom. And maybe even through to the dining room, too. There wouldn’t be any arguing over the names of our kids. We would name them after our favorite fictional characters, or maybe even an author. She’d want a dog, but I’d want a fish. So, we’d get a dog and call it Fish. I’d even let her have a room all to herself, to do with as she pleased. It would have a skylight, though, and maybe even a jukebox filled with all of her favorite albums. We would have it all. But first, I think it would be better if I asked for her name.


  1. I’ve just read this, and you’ve done it again. You’ve been sifting through my mind, pruning my very own thoughts and then translating them – though words seem effortless on your part, like a daisy chain, each sentence delicately fits the one that precedes it and holds the one that follows. I adore this piece.

  2. adore this writing.. this post overwhelms me with emotions. Pure elegance

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