There is no cure for crying

I can picture you

Sitting there all bundled up in your favorite sweater

The sleeves swallowing your hands

You’re cozy

Sitting there in my head, amidst my thoughts

You’re like a child discovering new wonders

Each word stares at you

And you want to poke it, to see what would happen

It would place its hand in yours

As if it were God talking to you

Making you stand up to your past

To show you the light

That is why you read my words, and graze in my thoughts

They remind you that there is light

And that is why tears flow from your eyes


  1. Sophie MacDonald

    “sitting there in my head, amidst my thoughts … Graze in my thoughts”. Yeah, to be so lucky!

  2. Sophie MacDonald

    So hot! Best library I’ve ever envisioned.

    • Isabelle Maturin

      It’s sooo intimate in that library…The coded language between the two of you…The give and take between you. This is really wonderful. One of the best pieces I’ve ever read. Ever.

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