This is a hate letter

I’ve come to realize that I’m the odd one out. I’m the one who isn’t ‘normal’. Forget about counting to ten. Forget about writing a letter and throwing it away, then writing another letter and sending that one. This is it. This is all it ever was. I’ve lost hope in the human race. People always forget about all the good that you do and jump on the first thing that you have done wrong, regardless of how small the mistake was. All I hear is people complaining about how they’re disappointed in other people. I know that I’m nowhere near perfect, but I try. And that’s why it kills me when some girl is upset because some guy she likes didn’t wish her a happy birthday. Or her best friend is mad at her because they haven’t talked in three months. Day in and day out, girls complain that guys are all assholes. And I sit here wondering what I am, because I know that I’m not an asshole. All I’ve ever been was nice to them, and yet I get treated like shit. I’m sick of being the guy who does nice things for people, and all I get in return is crying because someone else didn’t do something for them. I can’t remember the last time someone did something nice for me. Not even something out of guilt, because they felt like they owed me something. They say that people are unappreciative and inconsiderate, when that’s what they’re being. I know now that everyone is the same. No one is going to surprise me, nor change my perspective. I’m saddened by the world I live in. Then again, maybe it’s just the part of the world that I live in.

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  1. noorfusion

    People disappoint us, sometimes quite badly, sometimes it hurts, sometimes the hurt scars. And it pains every so often. I have a philosophy, and that is to try not expect anything from people. To be kind, caring, loving and all the goodness that makes up your nature, not for their sake, but simply because that’s who you are – and for me, personally, for God’s sake. What someone else does unto you – that hurts you, or causes you any amount of distress or suffering, know Mugren, that you will not be held accountable for it. But who you are, that good locked inside of you, that kindness and mercy – don’t hord it, give it out, let it out – God will never hold that against you. But remember, when you do – don’t expect your return from people. Your gift for being you, is with the One, far greater than you or I can imagine. And you will reap the reward, both in this life and the hereafter.

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