A sketch with words

I see the guys that talk to you

And I see the ones that you talk to

I don’t think you see me

I’m the one in the back with his head in his Moleskine

We’ll say that I’m sketching

Yes, sketching

Because, in a way, that’s what I’m doing

Your left side is your better side

That’s what you think

That’s what everyone else thinks

But I’ll tell you, it’s nowhere near as good as your right

Your brown eyes could go either way, depending on the mood

It’s your nose which is troublesome

I’m tempted to just write ‘nose’

But it’s part of the picture, to show its shape

To show how it’s fairytale-witch-like

Now I’d mention how villainous your lips are

The fullness of them

But it’s that little gap that forms between them

Which shows off your angelic side

The one that’s there when it looks as if you’re trying not to smile

It’s like not even God knew what to make of you

But that’s just me

And what do I know? I’m just that guy writing in his Moleskine

Tell me what you think

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