Day and night

What if the stars were perforations

Holes in the night sky

And the moon is a portal

One which you reach through

Place your hands inside and pull apart

Tearing the night sky to shreds

Letting out the light

To guide you

To guide me

To brighten our dreams


What if the stars were links in a chain

Covering the night sky

Wrapped around a black cloth

And the moon is a padlock

Where your heart should be

A birth defect of society

To keep you alive

To restrict you

To confine you

Hold your ear to the moon and hear the screams

One comment

  1. Nadia

    Tears overflow unrestrained leaving a trail, a traceable path.They do that intentionally, for they are not merely tears – it’s my soul in disguise, leaving footsteps upon my skin so it can find it’s way back to where it should eventually reside. But for now, it dances merrily to these words – for they resonate with the very essence of what it represents – Me. But I wonder, as I read this whether it may just take another as its ally.

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