Dark side of heaven

I am like a blind man

Describing the world

Its beauty, and its darkness

The turbid life, under calm waters

From behind closed eyes

My colors are the colors of a painter

Swirling all together

But my blacks, are those

Of someone much more quainter

A lady of such mystery

With an avid affliction for all the unknown

Like poetry, she is undefined brilliance

Which I have never seen, yet she has shown

A world, new to myself, whom is enjoying the view

From the center of this lady’s bedroom

One comment

  1. Nadia

    What you write are not just words etched on paper – they flow effortlessly, like a river. Each post a meander, or a change of direction, or a waterfall maybe. I let the current take me wherever it pleases, giving in willingly, to such beauty. It’s a breath of fresh air, sometimes it is air – so that I can breathe again.

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