With some things in life I do not bargain

I would stay up all night

Strike a deal with God, if I must

Just to make sure the sun would rise again

I’d move the sun myself, if I must

To ensure another day for you

In which I could see you smile

From by your side, or at the infinite mile

To ensure another instance for you

In which you could be happy

I would stay up all night


  1. Nadia

    There are those who give so much, yet it’s never fully reciprocated, never fully appreciated, the gratitude never fully expressed (sometimes not expressed at all). But do they care? But do they care to have it reciprocated? Do they simply love because they do, expecting nothing in return? Do they find pleasure, happiness (a form of gratification even) in the happiness of others – maybe that’s what they seek. I don’t doubt that such selfless people exist, they do, but they seem to be rare. Like the one in your poem.

    • For some, a simple thank you would suffice. But, it’s in our nature as humans to care. Those who don’t care are the ones who don’t do anything in the first place. I believe that after a while of not acknowledged or appreciated, a person will begin to second guess whether or not they should do something nice for someone.

      • Nadia

        Sometimes, those who don’t care may also deceive, they pretend, these are usually the ones who are good at putting on an act – hidden underneath their skin is the selfishness that drives this deception. Once they have accomplished what their ego desires, their hollowness becomes apparent. I wonder what it is that makes them so cold, what horrid, unfortunate event drove them towards not caring anymore?

        And what of the person who gives, just for the sake of giving? Who cares not of anything in return? Do they too have a threshold?

      • People act more fragile than they really are, which is sad. Yes, something bad might have happened to you. Multiple bad things might have happened to you. But, you are not alone in this. Countless others have gone through hardhsips, yet they still find it in them to try again. For me, it’s the constant negative outcomes that discourage me, rather than the “hurt”. Things heal, but will people stop dissapointing us? I think not. And that is something that I find difficult to cope with.

      • Nadia

        I believe disappointments are a part of life. Just as sadness/distress/hardships are part of life – life was never going to be filled with a complete form of happiness (well certainly not this life on earth). As humans, we are imperfect creatures in our nature – the heart that contains mercy, compassion, love is also the same heart that feels hatred, jealousy, envy and anger. Thus we will be disappointed, and we too may be a source of disappointment for others. The question is are we ready to accept that this is a part of life? And if we focus on ourself, reflect on who we truly are to what extent then will these disappointments affect us? MAybe then we will be able to cope.

      • Dissapointments are natural. It’s blatantly not trying that’s the dissapointing factor. This links to the other comment on giving hints as a sign of faith. If you constantly dissapoint someone, then where is the indication that they long to interact with us as well?
        Even I at times have come up short, but not for lack of trying. And it’s sad that people focus on the times that you’ve let them down rather than on all the times you’ve been there for them.

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