For whatever reason

Ask me what’s wrong

And I shall reply with ‘everything in life’

Ask me what’s right

Honestly, I have no clue

I’ve been strung here for a while

Like a hang man whose time is due

Trying to fill in the blanks


  1. Nadia

    I could go on writing forever (or for a long while at least) about the posts you blogged today – they reflect so much of what I have experienced through my own life thus far. I sit here, reading them, feeling a surge of emotions, wave upon wave, crashing at the shore (I think those moments long gone feel they still have a chance to drown me, they forget I learnt to become a stronger swimmer).

    Throughout life there are moments where nothing makes sense, we become stuck, immobile, unable to break free of the shackles that we chain ourselves with, almost an unbreakable vicious cycle.

    In that moment, we forget how foolish we were to think that breaking free was impossible – it hurts to do so (but only because sometimes we allow ourselves to entertain the word ‘impossible’). The break does come, it severs that tie that was draining us of life, the one that filled us with a bitterness that runs rampant throughout our mind.

    It’s not easy, but it is not impossible either.

    • I like the way you interpret my posts, and the things you see in them. It’s true that it’s possible. But, at times, you just want to be idle, to recuperate, until that last thread breaks on its own and you are free.

      • Nadia

        I wonder that sometimes. Whether it is actually possible for that last thread to break effortlessly, for us to become free, liberated, yet remain still, whilst we recover from the pain or the discomfort that once was (or whatever it may be that we to recuperate from). Can their be an effortless replenishment? If so, I’d be very intrigued to know how….

      • When they said that time heals all wounds, they were partly correct. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention that distance apart helps the healing process. If you cut someone off, you are able to focus on other things in your life. And trust me, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually think of them voluntarily, without them being around as a constant reminder. The scar might still be there, but you forget what the knife looked like.

      • Nadia

        How very true. And I like this bit ‘The scar might still be there, but you forget what the knife looked like’.

        Distance was always going to help – maybe those who said ‘time heals’ implied that too – it is the distance that time gives us that aids in that healing process. And by extension, this distance should be applied to all aspects of our life that still connects us somehow to the source of our wound.

        However, sometimes it’s not always possible – it does get easier, but the icy reminder lingers, in the distance for some of us.

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