Things she does in class –

I recently went to a museum to see an exhibit. It was for Damien Hirst, and the website said I should buy a ticket 24 hours in advance because EVERYONE was going and it was the talk of the town. I didn’t buy a ticket 24 hours in advance, I bought my ticket in advance of the time it took me to walk from the ticket counter to the entrance of the exhibit. It wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t packed either. It was a bunch of stuff, some were not for the faint of heart. However, none of it was art. What I learnt from that day is that a lot of “art” is overrated and most of the time it’s the name that sells, not the talent. My point is, every time I go through a post of hers, I’m blown away. What she does is amazing, beautiful, and unbelievable. The amount of detail that goes into something so small is extraordinary. It’s (I’ve run out of adjectives now), but you get the point. It’s the ideas, the detail, the magnitude, everything. She truly is talented.

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