You think to yourself that you’ll put it to good use, that it’ll last you a long time. But, it could end at any moment. You might drop dead as you take your second step out the door. A piano falling from the top floor, killing you in g-minor. Some people die and some pass away. The latter involves sadness. A period of grieving. But, sometimes names just disappear. They cease to exist, just like that. Someone once said that death is the farthest distance between two points in life. I think that’s what he said, it could be slightly different. If it’s not, then I like my version better. Because it’s true. You die a little with every step you take. You die a little more with every adjustment of your butt cheek on the couch. Sitting there, watching funerals on the news. Television has always been rubbish. Anyways, at least death Tivo’d The Big Bang Theory.

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