Well, do you?

Do you even know what I like, or what I dislike? Do you know why I like them, or why I no longer like them the way I used to? Do you know the one thing that you could do that would make me fall in love with you? Or how about the one thing that would make me happy? Do you even know if it’s just one thing? Do you know what bothers me, and why it bothers me? Do you understand why I sometimes act the way I do? Do you even notice my actions? Do you see certain things when I’m not around that remind you of me? Do I even ever cross your mind? Do you like me the way I liked you when we first met? Or do you like me the way I like you now? Do you do all this on purpose? Do you remember to forget particular things? Do you think you’ll remember me in a year’s time? Or how about ten years’ time? Do you think I’ll remember you next week? Or do you think that I’ll always remember you? Do you know of the tears that I have cried, which have erased the smiles? Do you know where my heart has gone? Or why it’s no longer the same as it was? Do you know what you have done? Well, do you?


  1. Emmz

    Have you ever seen something so beautiful to the point it left you speechless? This is exactly how I feel about your writings. It’s just so captivating.

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