Who they are

His sneeze sounded like the start of an argument. The loud bark of an old man. His ears were ringing, the cause of everything being too loud.

Those shorts should be illegal. They’re the modern-day loin cloth. Her t-shirt reads “Thailand”, that explains it all.

He sits on the floor by the electrical outlet, clutching his phone. A sheep, being lead by his shepherd.

She has just checked in at the airport. Through the metal detector and off come her clothes. A prostitute on her quarterly commute.

Stay in bed long enough while being forced to eat green jello three times a day, and even cancer will hand its letter of resignation.

He’s a foreign exchange student who has just moved back home. He goes to his neighbor’s house with a boner, wearing nothing but his underwear. Wanting to borrow some porn, he never quite got it right.

The wife wanted a girl, always buying dresses and tiaras. The husband wanted a boy, always buying suits and ties. The dog never figured out that it was adopted.

They both had fallen asleep during the movie, waking up as the credits began. She thought they had died and gone to hell, he thought they were in the sequel.

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