Because you make me feel dumb.

Because despite your praises of me, I still feel dumb compared to you.

Because you’ve succeeded at making me feel like what I write holds value.

Because of these pet-names that you give me, which come out of nowhere and knock me off my chair.

Because I say ‘we complete’ and you follow it up with ‘each other’s sentences’.

Because there is so much that I want you to show me.

Because despite of all the gloom, we might have one blue moon day that’s wonderful.

Because I feel like I can be myself around you.

Because I haven’t been able to make you shoot milk through your nose in laughter, and I won’t rest until you do.

Because I’ve never heard you laugh so much, which then made me laugh. But you weren’t drinking milk at the time, and that was just last night.

Because that giggle of yours does things to me that I have never felt before.

Because every little quirk that you are fearful of, I find intriguing.

One comment

  1. ‘..milk through your nose…’ – now wouldn’t that be wonderful, it would be hilariously funny (I hope whoever she is, she’s a milk-drinker).

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