The art of getting by

Heart-wrenching. Your insides are bound together. It’s worse, because your insides were never uncoiled after the first time. You’re all curled up, almost doubled-over. You can’t watch, because it is still as unbelievable as the first time. You want to twist the blade, but you can’t. You knew that she was treacherous. Still, you lived off the edge of her lips. At night, you perched yourself on her lap. Heaven, as you fall asleep. Now, you lie awake at night as you wonder and your mind wanders. Your thoughts follow her, because you long for her cold embrace. You lie there as your body sweats it out. You rid yourself of all the thoughts of her, all twenty-one grams.


  1. twenty one grams!! got me thinking. what would that mean ?

    • It’s believed that a person’s body loses 21 grams in weight at the time of their death. This weight is presumed by some to be the weight of a soul.
      Now, with this information you can deduce quite a bit from the story x

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