Everyone knows the peels are the best part

You’re a scholar. I have started to notice this recently, these tiny eccentricities. But, you are far too beautiful to be an intellectual. Perhaps, though, you are not beautiful. I must confess, I deem your beauty to be of the poetic type. People make of it what they may. Dark, yes. And yet, everything else is observed to be a quality of a learned person. I am quiet around you for fear of sounding stupid. But, I also enjoying listening to you. That voice in your head as you write letters. Sitting behind a majestic desk, sitting in bed. Dim lights and dark thoughts. Weathered and beautiful, like the words cast upon the paper.

One comment

  1. You know Mugren, that poetic beauty has far greater depth – it draws us in. It’s the listening, and watching the thoughts become words etched onto paper that emphasises the beauty.True beauty is not physical – it lies in the complete experience, in the small details, in the habits, in the nuances.

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