I’m sorry. No. No, I digress. I’m not sorry. You’re the one who should be apologizing. My ears are bleeding from what I just read. I want to kill myself. Are you happy? Is that the kind of response you wanted from your readers? Hold on. Victims. Yes, victims is more fitting. Whenever someone asks me to teach them how to write, I tell them that it’s not something that can be taught. I’m not being arrogant, nor do I think that I would be wasting my time. No, I honestly believe that writing is a skill that certain people are born with. You either can or can’t write. You obviously can’t. It’s not some sort of hobby that you can take up and throw money at. I can barely understand what it is that you’re writing. I want to regurgitate your words. Maybe then, will something resembling a piece of literature be produced. When you write, you’re supposed to be able to move people. By move, I mean emotionally, not physically off a ledge. There are many things that I cannot do. And guess what, I don’t do them! I will not sit here and have people label us as peers. If you want to write, then first learn the language, not what you think is the language. After that, for the love of God, for the love of all the Gods that people believe in, study grammar. Even a grammar picture book would help you. Then, when you’re done with all of that, learn how to fish, or cook, just don’t ever write again. I don’t care if I’m being harsh, or unreasonable. You have unreasonable expectations. I may never write a bestselling book, but I know when to hang up the towel. You, and a lot of other people, should call it quits. Oh, and burn everything you have ever written.

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  1. This here verbalizes my agony. Thank you.

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