Thunder only happens when it’s raining

I’d make a horrible dead person. I’m quite a restless sleeper, and it’s even worse when I dream. I wake up, remembering every little detail. And, it drives me mad. I’ve dreamt two nights in a row, after such a long period of blank sleep. It’s all your fault. You’ve done something to my brain, to me. I usually fall asleep with all these thoughts swimming around in my head, and so I dive deep into the black abyss. I crash into nothing. But now, it’s like you’ve pulled me up to the surface. I close my eyes, only to see everything around me. All the colors are excruciatingly bright. I much prefered it when they were all darker shades. Take me back to those days, but stay, this time. I digress. Take me back, but leave, disappear. Send me letters, though. Let me feel your presence in the indentations. Let me taste your words in the ink. Write them on the finest of papers, or on a stained napkin. I care not what you choose. Whatever it is, just let me keep a piece of you with me.


  1. Zoei

    If it only was that easy.. to ask them permission to keep them forever .. just a piece of them ..

  2. I’m thankful for the gift you have.

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